Welcome to the Lake Grapevine Swimming page. Here you will find information on all the places to swim around Lake Grapevine.

Designated Swim Areas

There are two designated beach and swim areas with roped off swim zones. One is located in Meadowmere Park which is open to the public at a cost of $5 per car park entrance fee. The second roped swim area is in the Vineyard’s Campgrounds and is only available to people staying within that campground.

Both swim beaches are very nice although the one in the Vineyard’s seems slightly better due to the quiet cove that it is in. It gets much less boat traffic and other traffic than the Meadowmere Park swim area.

The Meadowmere Park swim beach does have a number of covered picnic tables right next to the lake and the beach. This is perfect for that day at the lake if you like to picnic while you swim.

Non-Designated Swim Areas

Some other non-designated swim areas exist. One of the most popular is in Katie’s Woods Park. There are often people swimming in the quiet cove in front of Katie’s Woods Park on the weekends. This is not exactly a beach area, but still very nice for that shallow swim.

There are a couple of spots in Rockledge Park below the cliffs that people will often swim in. These are also located near covered picnic tables that can be used for picnicking while you are not swimming.

We have also seen people swimming of the banks of Murrell Park near campsites 7 and 8. There are some shallow areas around that area available for swimming.

As always, please use caution while swimming at the lake. And if you are not a strong swimmer, always wear a life jacket while in the water.

Enjoy! Life is better on the water!